Adding an Admin or New User

As your site continues to grow, you may be needing additional help in upkeep or posting content to your site. Adding additional admins or users will help you do just that. The people you add will be able to get "behind the scenes" and upload content or make changes to your site. However, each title has different levels of restrictions, keep that in mind when adding another person to the development team of your site. 

Users can register on your site and you can choose whether to manually or automatically approve them. There are three different security levels, User, Privileged, and Admin.

  • Regular users will have access to secured areas of the site, but cannot change anything.


  • Privileged users can perform some functions like moderate forums and upload images.


  • Admins have full access, except for the billing account. Pages and Forums can be secured so that only those that are logged in can see them.


Here is how to add a new Admin or User

Once you have upgraded to one of the plans, you can access the feature by going to Admin Tools > select the Users tab and you can add users and privileges under Manage Users.


Step One:

Click on the admin tools link, it is found in the upper left-hand corner of your page. It is circled in red in the image below.

Step Two:

On the Admin Tools page, you will see a navigation bar, you will automatically be taken to the settings tab, but click on the users' tab it is circled in red on the picture below.

Step Three:

Once you're under the user tab, there will be a button to click on called "Add User." It is circled in red in the image below.

Step Four:

Input the information of the user, including their login name and password that they will use to log into the website. Choose their role, revisit the top of this page for information about the different privileges of the different roles to choose from, User has the least amount of privilege and Admin has the most. After you're done inputting the information, click save and the new user will be added.

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