Building Your Website: 5 Things To Get Started

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If you are having a little trouble getting started or wondering “How exactly do I build this thing?” Good News, the website is already built all you have to do is Customize it! Here are 5 things to get you on your way towards having a stellar website. If you have questions about design, head over to our blog or check out other articles in our Support Knowledge Base. 

Selecting a Template

First, let’s decide which template works best for you. The templates range in colors, patterns and layout. If you have trouble deciding between two, don’t worry, you can.

For now though, let’s pick one and build the backbone. 

1. You can change your template at anytime using the Templates Button at the top of the Editor. If you decide to change the template, your website will transfer all your saved content and preferences over to the new template automatically, worry free.

2. A Template Interface will pop up.

3. From the Library, browse the different templates until you find one that matches the personality and message you want to send to your customers. Hover over your template choice.

4. The template will give you the option to preview the site with the new Template or double click on it to change the template to this theme.

5. If you're feeling a little salty and want to create a custom template, you can head to the Template Wizard. Our Template Wizard  is a quick and easy way to organize the template to fit your needs.

6. The Template Wizard will walk you through the process and transfer all existing content and pages over to the new website. Each Step will have options with descriptions for you to choose from. 

7. Customize the colors and sizes by clicking  in the boxes. 

8. Click "Run Wizard" when finished.


Change the Header Image

Alright, now you have a plan for how the website is structured. So let’s move forward and add images to your site. The first image we want to change is the Header Image.

1. Click on "Edit Header Image". 

These Red Boxes represent Quick Edits, you can manipulate and change any aspect of your website in a moment’s notice.

2. Select the way you want your header to be displayed.


3. Select a default image or upload one that symbolizes your company or shows a bit of your personality.


If you have never created a header before, one thing to keep in mind is that only a small portion of the photo is shown. You cannot show entire images in the header unless it is the same size as the header window. 

4. Crop your image, Click "Crop" to finish. 

5. Click Ok on the next window to finish editing or Click on "Add Another Image" to add another image. Note: Adding more than one photo will create an automatic slideshow.

And Now we have edited the Header Image and the Title Page.


 6. Congratulations, you have a header!

Adding Content and Editing the Sidebar

The side bar is split up into "boxes" and each box holds different "notes." These boxes generally hold notes for Store Hours, Location, Contact Information and General Information you want to share with your visitors. We have already set default boxes for you. Enter your Location, Hours and any other information that a client would need to contact you. 

1. Click on "Edit Note" 

 If you don't see the sidebar, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can choose to alter the layout of the website with the Template Editor and some templates reorganize the sidebar to the bottom of the page to resemble a footer.

2. A Quick Edit Form will pop up, adjust and add information as desired.

3. Click "Save" to submit changes.

Editing the Homepage

Next we should add content on the Home page and give a quick overview of your website. 

1.Click on "+Page" 

2. Tell People about yourself or your company in the Description Field.

3. Add an image of yourself or your office. Click on the "Add Image" Icon. 

4. A image interface will pop-up. Either upload an image by dragging it into the box or clicking "Choose File" , Choose an image already uploaded with "Choose" or enter a url website address with "Link".

5. Click "Insert" to save image.

Customize your Website Menu

The last thing we need to do before we hit publish is add or delete pages. Each default website comes with a Gallery, Home Page, a Blog and Contact Tabs.


1. Click on "Edit Menu". 

2. This will take you to the Menu Admin tool. 

3. Add Pages with "+Page"

 Here you can add any feature to your website that you desire. For now add the pages you need and we can edit them later. For more in depth guidance on each of these features and setup of different pages, check out the rest of our Support Knowledge Base. 

4. NOTE: Every Doodlekit Website comes with the four Default pages(Blog, Contact, Home and Gallery) You cannot DELETE them, but you can HIDE them. Just check the box next to the page for the one you want to hide. Any additional pages can be removed except for the four default settings.

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    Lisa M Weber

    Never made a web site I had good step by step directions. I hope you can help me be successful

  • Avatar
    Lisa M Weber

    Never made a web site I had good step by step directions. I hope you can help me be successful

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    This is very educational content and written well... It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.!

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