All Things Media: How to Add Videos

Any form of media you add will drive traffic and audience interest. Images and videos are especially powerful and effective ways to connect and engage your audience or customer base.

We’ve taught you how to add images in the Getting Started guide. Now we are gonna talk a little about how to add videos that can add a little flair to your pages.

How To Add Videos

First, upload your videos first to a video website (like YouTube or Vimeo). Once uploaded there, they will provide you with the link to insert the video into your website. Use the 'Insert Video' button in the editor and paste the link there.

Directions for Adding to Youtube.

  1. Log into your Youtube Account, If you don’t have one, follow the sign up directions to create one.
  1. Click on Upload
  2. Click on Select File to Upload or Drag the File into the Window
  3. Once the File is uploaded, Click on My Channel on the Left Sidebar. Scroll down to the video Click to open it. Then Click Share and select embed.
  4. Go to the DoodleKit website
  5. Navigate to the page you want to edit
  6. Click on Red quick edit button for the page
  7. When the Page Editor Pop Up comes up Click on the Insert Video Button Shown here.
  8. Paste the Youtube Embed Link into the upload field on the next pop up window and Click insert
  9. Your video should load onto the page.

Click Save to submit changes.

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    this needs to be updated as embed no longer available

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    Ben Kittrell

    Are you talking about YouTube? They still have an embed option.

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