How to Create a Slideshow

Slideshows can be a great way to share pictures with your visitors. They look smoother and cleaner than Galleries. Here is how to add a slideshow to any page or note on your website. 

1. Go to the page you want to add a slideshow to or add a new page.

QUICK NOTE: If you want to create a slideshow of images for your Header, then add more images to the Header Pop-up. Click on the Quick Edit Button “Header Image.” Then Click Add Another Image. After Adding these Images, click OK. The slideshow will immediately start playing on the Header.

2. Click on the Quick Edit button.  In the Quick edit Form, click Insert Album. 

3. A menu will drop down, select "Insert Album(Slideshow)"

QUICK NOTE:  Galleries will play as slideshows unless you click on one of the images and hit play on the player.

4. In the popup window, you can set how long the slideshow takes to filter through all of the photos, select the album you wish to use.

5. Click OK to Save.

 This Icon will appear in the Quick Edit Form once you have completed adding it.

6. Click Save to submit changes.

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