How to Upgrade (and Its Benefits)

If you have been enjoying your DoodleKit Website and are thinking of expanding your business, upgrading your website to a professional plan will give you advanced tools. We offer 3 different plans that meet different levels of website services that you can review for your business. 

First, lets explain the different features we offer exclusively to Premium Members.

SEO Tools

SEO is the strategy for marketing your website on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Using keywords from your industry and any you tell the website to connect with will share the website with users who search using those keywords. 

The better SEO you have, the more likely customers will see your website before your competitors and they will find you with less effort and time. 


You receive special domain access and a custom website url. 

Shopping Cart and Form Builder

With the Professional Plan you have built in Shopping Carts and an Automatic Form Builder. The structure is already built, all you have to do is tell the builder what kind of form you need and what information you want to collect. 

The shopping cart is setup to take orders, provide shipping and send invoices. You only need to connect your accounts to shipping providers, your bank account and email. Everything else is taken care of for you.

Increased Functionality

Premium Websites also allow bulk image upload. You can now upload more than one photo at a time. There are no ads and you can create your own or sponsor them on your website and decide where to place them. You can create email addresses using your website url to solidify the customer experience and forward any incoming mail to other email addresses. You get access to Usage Analytics and Statistics. You can find out who, when and where your customers are using your website. This really helps with SEO and market segmentation. 

We also provide tools for tighter security, protect you from Spam and build more capacity for you to store images, media, content and other data. You can grant additional people access to parts or all of the website to edit. 

How to Upgrade

1. In the Preview tab, click on Admin Tools.

2. The Settings Admin Page will pull up. Click on See Upgrade Options.

3. Then go to the Websites box and click the Upgrade Link.

4. You will be forwarded to this page where you can choose based on three different levels. 

5.  Click on the plan that fits your needs best.

6. You will be asked to confirm you want to upgrade by a browser pop-up.

7. Add your credit card information if you haven't already done so.

8. Click Save to complete transaction.

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