Edit Your DNS Settings With the Doodlekit Domain Tool

Doodlekit’s DNS Tool lets you manage your DNS records if you’re using our name servers for your domain. To use this tool click on Settings then Domain Name from the Administration section of your website. 

Setting up MX records for E-Mail

The most common reason for editing your DNS records is for setting up a third party E-Mail system like Gmail or GoDaddy with your Doodlekit hosted domain. We’ve setup a few presets for common email providers which should make setup a snap. Just select your provider from the drop down and hit Setup. You can then customize the settings if you need to 

Custom Records

If your provider isn’t on the list, click Custom. This will allow you to add MX, CNAME and A records to your domain. Note: We automatically create the root records such as 'mywebsite[dot]com' and 'www[dot]mywebsite[dot]com' to point to Doodlekit. This can only be used for E-Mail and Sub Domains.

How long does it take?

After you edit your DNS records it can take up to 24 hours to take affect. DNS settings have to propagate to servers all over the world.

How do I know if my Name Servers are setup correctly?

If you’ve registered a new domain with your new Doodlekit website, the Name Servers should automatically be setup for you. If you chose to use an existing domain or have registered your domain outside of Doodlekit you will need to follow these instructions.

If your not sure you can check by using a Whois Lookup. Just search for your domain and look under the name servers or DNS servers section.

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