How to Publish My Website

You've picked your template, added your pictures and content and you are ready to show your amazing site to the world! You are ready to publish your website. Sometimes a published site is referred to as a live site. *NOTE* Once you publish your site you will not see the green button any more and that is completely okay. Once the page is published you can still make edits, additions, and changes to your site and those change will show on your website as soon as you make them. 

To publish select the green "PUBLISH SITE" button found at the top of your site. 

Once you select the PUBLISH SITE button the publish page will open.

You have 2 options for publishing. If you would like to publish your site with professional features such as a custom domain and search engine optimization tools simply select Option #1. If this is a personal site or you are not quite ready for an upgraded site simply select Option #2. When you publish you will be asked to verify you are living, breathing being not a robot and we do this by sending you an SMS code. This is one of the many ways we prevent spammers from creating sites with Doodlekit.

There are some great benefits for upgrading so here are some details about the services available with our plans.

You can also find more information on upgrading and what those services in each plan are and how they contribute to making your website great in our article How To Upgrade and It's Benefits

Choosing the professional plan will give you a custom domain (also known as website name, web address, or URL) ( and you can use features like shopping carts, automatic form builders and field queries. A personal website will remain under the Doodlekit Domain (

When publishing with custom domains it can take up to 48 hours for your website to go live but quite often is less time than the 48 hours. 

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to delay making a website live for 72 hours if we suspect spamming and to protect us and block spammers and robots from creating fake websites.




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    Carmen Gutierrez

    my website wont publish doesn't even have that option

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