How to Build an Online Store

If you want to sell items online, the Business Plan features the Shopping Cart Page. You will need to use Paypal to collect payments. The shopping cart page will appear on the tabs toolbar and your customers can access their cart from the same page. If you are using to Doodlekit as a website platform to sell your products and services online, this tells you how to setup a basic store. Here is an advanced guide for building a website for online retail businesses.


How to Add/Edit a Shopping Page

1. Click on the   and click through to the Menu Editor Page.

2. Click on  .

3. The Quick Editor will come up, be sure to enter the name of your shop and your Paypal Email or Google Merchant ID. If you have both Google Merchant and PayPal, you only need to enter one.

4. Click Save when you have entered all the information that you want your customers to view. In the description section, mention what that specific shop or types of products the shop is selling. Products and product descriptions will be added in the next steps.

How to Add Products

After clicking Save, you will be immediately redirected to the new shop page. 

1. Now you can start adding products to your shop using “Add New Product”  . 


2. A quick edit form will pop-up. Here you can add a description of the product, the number you have in inventory, and prices. 

Note: If you ever have to edit these details click the Quick Edit Button on the product.

3. Click save to submit new product.

4. Once the Product shows up on the page, click “Options”  to specify size, color, etc.

How to Add Options

  1. Click on the “Options” button on the product you wish to add details.

This will pull up the Quick Edit Form.

  1. In the “Label Text” field, you can name the type of detail you want to add.
  2. Choose dropdown menu for selections like size or choose text for details like color.

    4.Click Save to move on to adding Values.    


  1. In this example I used size. Add the options within each category to the list. i.e. small, medium, large, etc. NOTE: You can only add one value at a time. You must click “Add” to save it.
  2. If for any product you need to specify an extra charge, it will be added to the base product price.
  3. Click Save to submit options.
  4. Exit out of the pop-up with the “X” button in the top right-hand corner.

Note: If you ever have to edit any of your options, there is an edit button next to each of the values. You can jump between categories by clicking on the tabs to the left of the Quick Edit Form.

Now you have added a product in your new shop.


Repeat the process to add more items. 


The arrows  allow you to change the order of the items on the page from top to bottom. 

Congrats you now have an ecommerce site.


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