How to Use the Form Builder(Example Sign Up)

Our automatic form builder is an easy and quick way to build documents. Any information you want to collect can be gathered using forms. This is a great feature that is available on both our Business and Advanced plan but a demonstration version is available on our free plans.

Examples are Sign ups, Credit Card information, online applications and other basic information. 

To illustrate how to use the form builder, here is an example of a sign up form built by our automatic form builder. 

1. Click on the "Edit Menu" button. 

2. On the Pages/Menu admin view. Click on "+Form". 

3. The Quick Edit form will pop-up. Enter what you're trying to accomplish and what info you need or a quick note to your visitors. Don't forget to add a Title.

4. Click on "Continue".

5. The Field Quick Edit pulls up, you must identify the specifics of each.

QUICK NOTE: A Label is the name of the information you want to collect. (ex. name, address, bank name, etc.) The type of information you want to collect. Text, numbers, select the correct format in the drop-down menu. A placeholder is optional, add a message to visitors when the field is blank.

6. Is this information absolutely critical? Be sure to check required if it is and prevent visitors from moving forward without adding this information. 

7. Click on "Add Field".

8. Each Field you add can be viewed in the Form Builder Review. This view shows you what your visitors see.

9. For more in depth information on each of the tools in the Form Builder, check out this support article.

10. For the Sign Up Form, the Form Builder Preview should show this.


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