How to Link Social Media

A great way to connect with your friends, family and/or customers is linking your social media to your website.

1. At the top of the browser window is the logos for various Social Media Companies.

2. To add links, click the Top Bar Quick Edit. 

3. The Quick Edit form will open. Add the url connections to your various social media. To do this, log in to your social media account and just copy the link in the browser bar.

4. Test the link by clicking on the icons.

Quick Tip: You can hide unused links by unchecking the check box to the left of the url link field. You can also add RSS Links, these are links to outside websites or services that you use. For example, Medium for blogging. 

The default social media accounts are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Google Plus and Reddit. If you have another account you would like to link, for example, Instagram click here for a step by step guide. 


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