How to Make Money with Your Website

You have built an incredible website, done all the steps to drive traffic to it, and now you are ready to take the next step and want to make money with your website. But how do you start? That is a common question and this article will help you decide which money-making method is best for you.

This tutorial will focus on three ways to make money with your website: affiliate programs, product promotion, and selling products or services. Making money with your website isn't difficult once you understand how each approach works and have chosen the best method for you.

Affiliate Programs

Many websites that sell a product have an affiliate program that is used to generate traffic to their website.

What is an Affiliate Program? An affiliate program is a marketing program which allows you to receive a commission for helping a business make a sale. Becoming an affiliate is an easy process; it will take only a few minutes to sign up. Once your application is approved the seller will usually supply all the advertising tools you need such as banner ads, links, sales advice, and tracking codes for you to embed in your websites or blog.

As an affiliate you use the supplied promotional material in your website or blog to drive traffic to the website of the business in exchange for a commission. When a visitor to your website or blog clicks on a link to the website of an affiliated business the actions are tracked and if a purchase is made, you earn a commission on the purchased. It's that simple!

When choosing an affiliate program it is advisable to choose one that will interest the visitors to your website. For example, if the target audience of your website is parents choose a program that links to a website that sells items parents are looking for and need. In other words don't promote a website whose target audience are senior citizens when your audience is the parents of young children.

Choose only a small handful of programs to promote. Studies indicate websites that follow this formula make the most money. Concentrating your promotion to a limited number of affiliates will help you to make more money and get paid faster.

Examples of websites that have affiliate programs include Amazon and Apple

For additional information on affiliate programs visit

If you have a website that drives traffic, an affiliate program can help you make money.

Product Promotion

What is product promotion? Product promotion is an action that encourages the sale of a good or service to a target market. Online advertising can rapidly create product awareness. In contrast to using a search engine to find a product, which requires prior product knowledge, display advertising can drive awareness of a new product without prior knowledge of the need or product.

 Perhaps the most common and easiest way to make money with your website is to use it to sell advertising. Browse websites and you will notice almost every site contains at least one advertisement and some contain many. Successful website product promotion requires research to find the products your viewers will be interested in purchasing. If your website is aimed towards travelers, you would want to advertise products that would be of interest to that audience. This might include ads for a popular travel destination or the latest trend in luggage.

A good place to start promoting products is sign up for Google AdSense. AdSense will evaluate your website and place ads for services and products that are appropriate for the visitors to your site. Each time an ad is on your website or an ad is clicked, you will receive a small payment. Payment for promoting a product is based on the number of clicks your ads receive. The more traffic your website generates, the more views the ads receive, the more money you will earn.

For more information about Google AdSense visit

Promote your website to increase traffic. Use social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to spread the word about your website.

The key element to making money selling advertising on your website is to show ads that are appropriate for your website's audience and are promoting services and products your viewers are interested in. Ads that are not related to your audience's interests are ineffective. Selling advertisements on your website is not a get rich quick scheme it requires a lot of work to be successful.

Selling Products or Services

The most profitable but also the most difficult way to make money with your website is selling a product or services. First and foremost to be successful, your website must have a good design and there must be a niche for the product or service you plan to provide.

If you plan to sell a product or service on your website, the most important point to focus on is the traffic that comes to your website. You may want to concentrate on your website's content, check the efficiency of the SEO on your website to be sure your website ranks high in search engine results, use calls to action (CTA) on every page of your website. Your CTA's should use active language and clearly inform users what actions you want them to do. CTA's should include words such as: call, buy, register, and subscribe. All of these words encourage users to act.

Once you are satisfied with the content of the site it is time to set up your store. This is the easy part of online selling. Use tools such as Shopify to set up your store. Shopify allows you to customize your store, showcase your products, and create a flawless checkout experience. Your store will be able to accept payments instantly, integrating global payment gateways, while keeping your data safe and secure. All transaction information is protected by the same level of security as your bank. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI compliant. For additional information on Shopify visit:

E-commerce requires the acceptance of credit card payments. Using PayPal as your merchant is easy to set up, eliminates acquiring costly equipment to process payments, and PayPal integrates with Shopify and other WordPress e-commerce plugins.

Promote your products or services with a blog, use social media to spread the word about your product and website. Create videos for YouTube that show your products or how to use them. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your product and increase your sales.

Keep in mind there is a downside to selling a product on your website. You will have the responsibility of keeping stock of your inventory, customer service, collecting payments, and shipping orders.

An alternative to selling a "hard goods" product is e-goods or electronic goods. This type of product is downloaded via the internet. With this product there is no worry about inventory or shipping the product to the customer. The most common type of e-goods is e-books.

If you have a product or service that is highly desired or fills a unique niche in the market, selling it on your website can be a rewarding experience but keep in mind it requires a lot of work and may take months or even years to be successful.

In conclusion, whatever method you choose for making money on your website it will require time and effort on your part. There is no magic get rich quick formula. Success or failure could depend on circumstances that are beyond your control. Concentrate on the things you can control. Good Luck!

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