How To Insert an HTML Widget

Hmmm - what in the world is that?

Simply put: buttons that connect.


These are a couple of examples of HTML widgets that are in high demand and that you can add to your website.

Here's how:

You will need to start by going to the site you want create the button for and find the link for the button. You will need to copy the link to paste it on your site so have it either open from the parent site or copy it to a clipboard until you are ready to paste. 

You will need to open the editor for the part of the website you want to have the button. So let's say you want to put the button on your Home page. You would select the PAGE editor   

When the editor opens, place your cursor where you want the button to be, so if you want it at the bottom of that page you would move your cursor to the bottom of the text in the editor.

 Then open the Insert HTML icon Paste the text in the dialog box and Save. You will then have a widget icon in the editor  

Then be sure to select  at the bottom of the editor box before you exit.

And voila, your HTML widget will be on your website.

Good luck with your site!


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